Your AI Companion orchestrating every interactions for you!

You can provide a personalized experience 24/7 on all dialogue channels. Let your new digital worker enhance the value of your time.


Connect your systems, procedures and departments
with conversational platforms.

Enhance the partner experience by being in platforms where your partners are

Türkiye Tarım Kredi Kooperatifleri
THY Turkish Airlines
Let AI-powered assistant help you turn wasted minutes into productive moments!
Turn wasted minutes into productive moments.

Responding repetitive questions from your partners is a significant waste of time. Taking on the responsibility of such questions, Palmate frees you up to focus on value-added tasks.

Omni-channel approach unify all support systems and messaging channels
Unify all requests with an omnichannel approach.

Accessing information through different channels is a time-consuming process. Facilitating better access to information for your partners via any channel, Palmate boosts your productivity

The engagement of employees can be measured in all levels
Maximize engagement of your partners at all levels

Providing solutions based on each user’s unique preferences and needs is a challenge. Anticipating user queries and providing proactive and personalized interactions, Palmate provides a seamless and engaging partner experience

Low-code Ability

Build automation with ease.
Faster development at a lower cost.

Our low-code editor enables fast project implementation. With robust integration, effortlessly connect systems and applications within the same day. Our dialogue-focused low-code engine simplifies even complex workflows for efficient management. The coding process is clear and straightforward, saving time and fostering innovative solutions.
Low-code Builder
  1. Content creation is carried out utilizing your website and documents
  2. Flows/integrations are created for your systems with low-code
  3. After the feedback and testing phase, your assistant is ready for duty

Are you ready to use Palmate?
If so, implementation takes just a two-week rollout.

We accelerate our artificial intelligence training process using your website or digital documents. With our developed AI platform, we can easily manage complex workflows, integrate your assistant into desired platforms, and conduct detailed function and integration tests. After improvements based on feedback, when the final enhancements are completed, your digital employee is deployed live. We continue to monitor the assistant's performance through bi-weekly reviews.

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Connect Palmate &
Improve Partner Experience

Palmate’s conversational AI enhances the human experience by providing natural and intuitive interactions, enabling efficient communication, personalized assistance, and prompt access to information or services.

Connect Palmate & Improve Partner Experience